Reserve the right choice

JiffyBook app shows the best rated hospitals, technicians, facilities and restaurants around you, so that you can simply touch and make reservations.

Finding what's best suitable among innumerable hospitals, technicians, facilities and restaurants around us, checking their availability and instantly making a reservation is a desperate need in today’s lifestyle.

Booking doctor consultation

Find a list of various hospitals or consultants, read their profiles and pick the right consultant, check availability and take an appointment – all using JiffyBook.

Booking salon appointment

Find a list of salons around, pick the best rated one, check availability and lock a time slot – all using JiffyBook.

Booking restaurant table

Find a list of restaurants in serene locations, pick the cost effective one and reserve a table for a nice meal with your loved ones – all using JiffyBook.

Booking venue

Find conference halls, wedding / banquet halls, sports grounds and facilities, check availability and book the perfect venue for hosting an event – all using JiffyBook.

Booking event

Find a list of events happening in your location, find the one that seems worth attending, and spend your time purposefully – all using JiffyBook.

Booking technical services

Find a list of technicians around you, filter the required service and book the right person to solve the issues at home – all using JiffyBook.

Booking support services

Find a list of designers, architects, trainers, and consultants who can help you in buying or building stuff and book a meeting with them – all using JiffyBook.